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Our Commitment to You:
As a animal lover, protector and student of canines I have committed my life to providing them with the highest quality of care. 
Providing them with the best possible life they can  have. I believe that there are many factors that influence and effect the health of the dogs.
I am committed and do everything possible to provide the best quality of life and breeding's possible.

I do this by finding and raising the best quality puppies  available. We raise our puppies up so that they have the very best beginning available to them.

We have a stringent vaccination and worming program. 
They get the best possible vet care. They are also health tested prior to breeding and we are working on OFA's and CHIC

All the dogs are socialized and have interaction with us daily. They are all crate and lead trained. This is very important as we take them to all kinds of events. We may breed our dogs but they are part of the family and the community also. They participate in dog shows, parades and events within our community.
We have a very high quality nutritional program for our dogs. They are weighed and groomed regularly to maintain the correct weight and coat care.
We feed them Royal canine dog food and use NU Vet Plus supplements to help with muscle and joint care.

I am constantly studying and researching what we can do to improve our breeding program and the healthcare of our dogs.

What we do for our dogs:
What we do for your puppy:
We taking breeding and producing puppies very serious. My passion and joy comes from providing a new family with a companion that they adore and that is the joy of there life. 
I believe that to do that you have to start from before birth to have the happiest and healthiest puppies.

Here is how our puppies are raised

We are with our mommies the minute they start into labor until well after every puppy is delivered. They are never alone. We monitor all of the puppies very closely.
Puppies get weighed everyday( for the first two weeks and then weekly). Sometimes twice a day. They are stroked and cuddled from birth.
Puppies are started on neurological stimulation on day 3 until day 16. Once again they are getting handled and loved 
At 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks puppies are wormed
At 3-4 weeks the puppies are out in the ex pens so they have lots of room to get around ( the grandkids start playing with them at this point so they are use to children) 
At 5 weeks we do a Neopar shot for Parvo
At 6 weeks we give kennel cough 
At 7 weeks we do a 5-way
At 8 weeks they get microchip and to the vet

From weeks 6-8 we do the rule of 7's- they are exposed to 7 new people, eat from 7 different containers, walk on 7 different types of surfaces, 7 different loud noises. ect..
 This helps so much with there socialization process. 

We start puppies on Royal canine puppy food when they are ready and Nu Vets Plus vitamins 

We take weekly pics of all the puppies (from birth on). Once they are sold we send out weekly e- mails with updated information so that you can see the changes and know what progress your puppy is making. 

We register all of our litters
We provide the AKC Puppy protection Package on all puppies 

What your puppy comes home with:
All of the puppies paperwork - registrations paper
AKC puppy protection package  paperwork
Microchip information
Goody bag with lots of goodies
A blanket that they have had with them to help with new adjustment home
Sample puppy food
Lifetime help and assistance from us 

What the AKC Puppy protection Plan does for you: (this is included in the price of your puppy)
** Includes the puppy's registration if it is an AKC puppy- or Registration in AKC Canine Partners - 
    no fussing with registration paper at all it is done for you
** Health Protection - 60 day complimentary AKC Pet healthcare plan- This is a trial healthcare your puppy will be covered for 60 days. After that you can continue it or not continue    
    the plan
** Complimentary first puppy check up
** AKC puppy handbook
**AKC Family dog magazine ( subscription is for 1 year )
** Eligible to compete in fun AKC events
** Lost dog recovery- Your microchip will be registered for you  in AKC pet recovery service
** AKC good dog training- helpline available for training support
** Free DVD on Basic training - Health and safety tips 

We strongly encourage recommend that the puppies continue on NuVet plus supplements-

We do everything we possible can do provide you with a strong and healthy puppy. We want our puppies families to make that same commitment to there new family member.

The transition to a new home and family  can be a very stressful  time for a puppy. We want to give them every advantage we can to make that transition. 

NuVets supplement helps maintain blood sugar, protects there immunity under stress  and continues the nutritional program they have been on already.