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The parents of our puppies
We take raising our puppies very seriously. 
Each puppy is handled with a very gentle hand and a soft voice. We spend hours nurturing our puppies to ensure that they will be happy healthy family members.
We start by ensuring the health of the parents 
They are vet checked and health tested. The parents have all had there genetic OFA health testing done on there heart, eyes and patella's
They are vaccinated and wormed per our veterinarians recommendations.  The parents are socialized to ensure the correct temperament 

How our puppies are raised:
All of our puppies receive neurological stimulation from day 3-16. 
Puppies are wormed every 2 weeks using 2 different worm medications
At 5 weeks our puppies receive a Neopar shot
​At 6 Weeks our puppies receive a their Kennel cough. We are now in the process of introducing them to food and weaning  
At 7 weeks our puppies receive their 5- way puppy shot and are microchipped
At 8 Week puppies have there vet check. They are now evaluated for estimate time to be weaned from there moms. 

From weeks 6-8 and on we do the rules of 7 and work on socialization skills. We also start temperament testing. 

Each puppy is handled by children and socialized to other dogs to ensure that they will make an easy adjustment to there new homes.

Each puppy is groomed frequently and started on the grooming table with weekly nail trimming so that they are well adjusted and accept grooming easily. 

Our puppies go home with a medical record of all there care, a goody bag, microchip information and puppy food to get them started.

We Do NOT Ship Puppies
We will not ship puppies. The airlines are no longer shipping bradycephalic (flat faced ) puppies /dogs.
We will not ship by ground transport for several reasons. 
We work extremely hard to protect and raise our puppies in a very specific manner. Everything we do before a breeding until that puppy leaves us for his forever home is done with a specific reason to insure the health and well being of the puppy. 
I will never be comfortable handing over one of my puppies to be handled by an unknown person or persons. I can't control the care that they receive once they leave me. How and when they are fed or pottied. What they are exposed to how they are handled. The tone of voice that is used with interacting with them. This is just several of my concerns. 
I am very sure that there are very good and competent transporters for puppies it is just not something I am interested in.
With that being said the puppies must be picked up or arrangements for us to meet or make delivery to you must be a consideration when getting a puppy

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