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We Do NOT Ship Puppies
We will not ship puppies. The airlines are no longer shipping bradycephalic (flat faced ) puppies /dogs.
We will not ship by ground transport for several reasons. 
We work extremely hard to protect and raise our puppies in a very specific manner. Everything we do before a breeding until that puppy leaves us for his forever home is done with a specific reason to insure the health and well being of the puppy. 
I will never be comfortable handing over one of my puppies to be handled by an unknown person or persons. I can't control the care that they receive once they leave me. How and when they are fed or pottied. What they are exposed to how they are handled. The tone of voice that is used with interacting with them. This is just several of my concerns. 
I am very sure that there are very good and competent transporters for puppies it is just not something I am interested in.
With that being said the puppies must be picked up or arrangements for us to meet or make delivery to you must be a consideration when getting a puppy

We currently have no puppies available

We plan to have 1 litter of Spring puppies and that may be it until this fall.

We do have a waiting list started for information on Spring puppies if you are interested. Please send me an e-mail and I will update those on the list